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About Ashwell at Home

Ashwell at Home will have been running for 39 years in 2024

 - an amazing achievement.

It is run by volunteers on behalf of Ashwell Museum, St Mary’s Church and Ashwell Primary School, the three beneficiaries of the funds raised. Each of these organisations depend increasingly on the income from Ashwell at Home day and so the entire community gets involved and works really hard to make it a success - whatever the weather!

Each year, in addition to the core open gardens, we have different events - making it a pleasure for visitors to return again and again, discovering more of the treasures of this special place. The theme in 2023 was 'A day in the country', this year the theme is 'Hidden Ashwell'- so the day will be centred around interesting facts, places, and stories about the village, not commonly known. Feel free to ask our helpers on the day about any aspect of the village or the event - they'll be delighted to chat to you!

And if you want to contact us before then just email a hello to


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