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Celebrate 1,100 Years of Ashwell

Explore the different centuries of Ashwell's history throughout the day:

Ashwell’s early roots 

Live archaeological dig – discover some Ashwell yourself near the Museum.

Dance workshop exploring Ashwell’s geological roots 12.30 at the School.


10th Century 

Model Ashwell - visit the School to see a model of Ashwell as it might have been in 917.


11th Century 

Doomsday entry - visit St Mary’s Church to see a display Ashwell’s Doomsday entry (with translation).


12th Century 

12th Century Farming - visit St Mary’s Church for a display of what farming would have been like in Ashwell.


13th Century 

Illustrated Folio in St Mary's Church- see a folio illustrated by local artist Cathie Felsted. The folio provides a colourful glimpse into the lives of Ashwell people in Kind Edward 1st reign (1290s).

14th Century 

‘Plague and Riots in 14th Century Ashwell’ walk and talk – with Ashwell Museum’s curator Peter Greener. Starts at the Museum at 12.30.


15th Century 

Enjoy a medieval mystery play. ‘Noah’s Flood’ performed by Ashwell Theatre Club outside the Museum at 1.30.  (In the Church if wet/windy.22)


16th Century 

Tudor Dancing. Join in with Herts Early Dance and Friends. At The Musuem at 2.30 (in the Church 22 if wet/windy) and 3.30 (in the School 13 if wet/windy). 


17th Century 

Henry Colbron’s Legacy: a talk by David Short, Local Historian, about how this changed the lives of children in Ashwell in the 17th century and up to today. Outside the old Merchant Taylor’s School.


18th Century 

Coffee House and Tea Rooms at the URC Hall – try some 18th Century baking brought up to date.

19th Century 

Straw-plaiting and basket making - try out the 19th century local Ashwell industry of straw-plaiting with Sandra Barker, Ashwell’s Yeoman Basket Maker. Outside the Museum.


20th Century 

Close your day by enjoying songs from the World Wars performed by Ashwell’s ‘Big Sing’ Choir.  Starts at St Mary's Church at 4.45.


A Guided Historic Walk 

Join Ken Coyne starting at 2.30 by St Mary’s Church Lych Gate to discover some of the buildings that have played a part in the 1,100 years of Ashwell`s history.


Well Dressing 

At the Museum, marvel how this ancient ‘Well Dressing’ method has been used by the WI to create a stunning art work on the theme of 1,100 years of Ashwell. 


Daisy Chain 

Enjoy The Rainbows 1,100 Years Daisy Chain display in St Mary's Church.  

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